Encrypt external drives and protect them with passwords

The best time to worry about security of your files is now, while you still have them.

If you use an external USB drive to keep copies of your personal files and documents, you don’t want them to get into the wrong hands. Do you want your photos to appear on some shady web site? Do you want someone else to peek through your financial or tax records? Or, if you use the external drive to move files between your office and home, do you want someone else to get hold of them? Losing sensitive sales records or client data can spell disaster for your business!

To protect your files and documents from being accessed by anyone else, use our new encryption software USBCrypt, specifically designed to protect removable USB drives with passwords.

USBCrypt is very easy to use. It offers the wizard-style interface that guides you through the steps of selecting a password and encrypting your external USB drive. USBCrypt lets you encrypt the external drives with the strong encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), using the key lengths 128 or 256 bits, to ensure absolute confidentiality of your files. After you use USB Crypt to encrypt your USB drive, only you will be able to open the files and documents located on your USB storage device, by entering the valid password. Because USBCrypt stores your password in an encoded form using the Secure Hash Algorithm, no one would be able to discover your password, even if all computers on earth were forced to do nothing else but crack the encryption of your USB drive!

The drives protected with USBCrypt can be used with other Windows computers, without USBCrypt software installed on them. USBCrypt also offers the option of creating of a “spare key” file on your main computer, for use if you forget your encryption password.

USBCrypt is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It can protect not only external USB drives, but also other types of external drives, such as FireWire drives, Zip drives, and other types of rewritable drives.

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